Art for Life Force 2018

Life Force 2018 Art Show is shaping up to be the one to remember

You will be joining us for an afternoon in one of the most iconic

art spaces in the Eastern Suburbs, ‘Cement Fondu’,

where lovers of art, music, performance and ideas meet

Join us at


36 Gosbell St, Paddington

Sunday 17th June 2018 - 2pm to 5pm

Your ticket purchase includes fine wine and delicious hor'deves

Number of Tickets

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We will have your tickets at the door on the day for entry to event

Ticket prices - 1 for $50 - 2 for $80 - 3 for $105 - 4 for $140

All ticket sales & proceeds allow Life Force Cancer Foundation to continue providing support services to people dealing with the experience of Cancer

We have sourced for the main event the art auction, art from talented exhibited artists, and sourced a variety of art mediums to suit various tastes and spaces.

We will auction up to eight pieces on the evening including;

Jenny Campbell and Lyndal Kelly - Local Encaustic Art

Eva Fay - Landscape

Robyn Bulunu - Aboringinal Art

An opportunity to add to the art collection while supporting cancer patients.

Silent Auction items can be viewed by clicking here

The following are some of the many items that will be part of event

GAMADA MYAPUNU by Robyn Bulunu
Featuring Miyapunu (Turtle) The painting is about Djumbalj Yolingu hunting turtles which is very important.

Real hunters know where to find the turtles and this special area is called Gamada where turtles breed.

The flowers represent the season and are their food to eat.

Point Bonney Flinders Ranges SA

By Herman Lissing

Oil on Canvas

JENNY CAMPBELL Encaustic artist

As an artist I’m driven by curiosity passion and a creative spirit. Constantly experimenting with new mediums I stumbled upon encaustic painting 6 years ago

Encaustics is an ancient art of melted beeswax and resin fused with heat. The sensuous nature of molten wax envelopes you with its sweet aroma and I became captivated. The luminosity depth and richness of wax is unlike any other. Fusing layer upon layer, observing the flow, and letting the strata develop until the work evolves into a new image

Sydney's South Head and surrounds are my source of inspiration. The changing colours of the sunsets, the breeze from the ocean and the movement of the clouds and natures flora are constant motivation. I gather different natural sources and combine them to implement in my work. The shape texture and patterning in our natural environment provide infinite stimulus to create and I attempt to emulate this in my paintings

My passion for encaustic painting has enabled me to venture on a magical journey of creativity and discovery. It is my intention to share these feelings of mystery and joy

Photograph by Anastasia Melidis

This image was part of the HeadOn Photo Festival 2016 as part of the Sydney Street Photographers exhibition.

It is mounted on foam board and unframed, semi gloss print.

Barramundi / Namarnkol - Gary Djorlom

This piece is a lovely framed etching, limited to a series of 99

Gary Djorlom is a dedicated family man with strong cultural integrity. As a younger artist he was among those Injalak artists who produced paintings for the Kluge Commission (USA)

His work features in the catalogue that showcased these works. In addition to his art practice Gary is employed through Injalak as a tour guide for Injalak Hill and the Dog Dreaming Tour, sharing stories of the rock art with visitors to the region

Gary and his wife Doreen often sit in the shade of a tree by the Gunbalanya billabong, creating art together

Gary is the son of Bilidu Bangarr and Dudley Djorlom and the brother of Wally and Gideon Djorlom

Dimensions - 460 mm (h) X 360 mm (w)