Art for Life Force 2018

A BIG Thank You for those attending the Art for Life Force 2018 event at Cement Fondu.

Also a BIG Thank You to those that donated their art or services to the event!

All these contributions means that Life Force, a not for profit organisation, can continue providing emotional support for the cancer patient and equally importantly their carers and families.

Life Force does make a significant difference to the cancer patient, and with support their suffering and fears are possibly made a little lighter for the week ahead.

Similarly the much needed support to a carer dealing with their own challenges, fears and loneliness of supporting someone they love with cancer, and helps them with a difficult task.

Our intention is to hold the hand of those in need and to provide as much support as needed so they have the strength to face another day, week, month or year.

The success of any fundraiser is critical for us to continue, so by attending or purchasing the items generously donated you have made a significant difference.

It is out intention to respect the artwork donated, and while most artwork is discounted, we put a close to commercial value on the work, and therefore each piece has a reserve.

There were some items passed in at the event and if you have thought about the auction since and would like to bid on any items still available, please review the items below, held over and make an offer on those of interest!

With Gratitude,

If interested in any item below, then please contact us via email

indicating item of interest and your offer;

Pastel study of gardens and Sydney Harbour Bridge

Wood frame with glass

490 (w) x 400mm (h)