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Retreats for Cancer Patients, Carers & Survivors

Emotional well-being plays an important role in the treatment and recovery of cancer patients. Our retreats provide a nurturing experience that helps to achieve and maintain a feeling of well-being. This in turn supports the immune system and maximises healing potential. Even people with a very challenging prognosis can enhance their quality of life.

People caring for someone who has cancer often carry heavy physical, psychological and emotional burdens. Self-care is just as essential for them as it is for cancer patients. In order to maximise the ability to maintain their own health and to prevent burn-out, it is crucial for carers themselves to be supported.

Life Force retreats are facilitated by a qualified counsellor and knowledgeable meditation teacher. These weekends feature a variety of activities such as vision quest, creativity workshop, massage, yoga and meditation, as well as delicious food and lots of fun.

Experience these life-affirming practices at a delightful location away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Too often people living with cancer suffer from the lack of nurturing touch. They need the presence of caring people who understand their situation, and they need the chance to get away from the city and into a beautiful environment where they can directly experience the healing power of nature.

You will experience a profound sense of healing as you connect with the beauty of nature and renew that sense of wonder that often seems to be missing in our modern urban life. Discover that another way of living is possible. Ancient but simple forms of healing take place in surroundings of peace and serenity. Past participants report that the beneficial effects of attending one of our magical weekends last for many months.

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