A Letter From Consuelo

I want you to know that in between the brightest stars, between the clouds, I find myself well. Here there is only peace, love and forgiveness.

Do not be sad for my absence, I have not left your side. You will not be able to see me like before nor listen to my voice, but I am there. In every heartbeat, and every tear you spill for me.

I understand your pain. Come on! GET UP! I am fine and I want my remembrance to give you strength, make you smile and fulfill you with hope.

Remember all of the good moments we shared and the times we laughed together.
Every time you feel alone, look up. If it is daytime I will be in the closest cloud, if it is night time you will find me in the shiniest star. I will be there, looking at you. My relics will answer you.
Remember I did not say goodbye, we will see each other again.

Do not blame anyone for what happened, do not question God's will nor the short time that I got to live. It was an angel who came for me and with joy and peace I joined the feast.

At some point each of you gave me comfort, now I hope my words will give you love and console. Remember I love you all and that I will always be by your side until your time comes. One day it will also be your turn to leave everything you ever owned. And I will be here, do not fear. Once again, we will be reunited. Knowing that our seeds and tracks, are still on Earth, hoping our loved ones know we have not left them behind. Just like what I hope you know I am doing for you.

Love You,

Your New Angel


A Letter From Consuelo