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Support groups – a safe caring space for men and women with all cancer types 

Carers’ group – a space to share and also be supported

Online support – we're offering online support group meetings & workshops

Programs and workshops to address specific issues 

Outreach initiatives including regional NSW

Collaboration with hospital treatment teams and others involved in cancer care

Online Support Groups & Workshops

Life Force is now offering online support group meetings:

- Weekly cancer patient and survivor meetings

- Weekly carers of cancer patients meetings

-  Qigong classes

For information on joining these online Support Groups please contact:

Jane on 0412 643 751

Support Groups for Cancer Patients & Survivors

In learning how to cope with and transform our feelings of fear, aloneness, uncertainty, despair ... we have a precious gift - each other.

Life Force Cancer Foundation Supporting people dealing with cancer since 1993

The individual diagnosed with cancer goes through an intensely personal experience and not only has to deal with the possible impact of the diagnosis on their own mortality but also how to cope with their illness and how to move forward following diagnosis and treatment. For some, this will mean learning how to live with cancer and for others who are potentially cured, how to live with uncertainties and the many other issues of survivorship. Most people go through an emotional rollercoaster and need ongoing psychological support by knowledgeable sympathetic and caring individuals.

Whatever you feel is normal - shock, denial, disbelief, isolation, anger and fear.

Joining the Life Force support group where everyone can share everything they feel in a safe and non-judgmental environment with people going through a similar experience can be helpful for you to process all feelings. This then helps you get to a place of acceptance and begin to think about where you go from here.

Weekly meetings are held in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and Inner West.

We are also offering online support, please contact us for more information.

To join one of our groups call Jane on 0412 643 751 

Patients & Survivors 2024 Term Dates

Patients & Survivors meetings are on Tuesday evening 6 to 7.30pm during term.

Term 1

30 Jan – 2 April

Term 2

23 Apr – 25 Jun

Term 3

16 Jul – 17 Sep

Term 4

8 Oct – 10 Dec

Carers' Support Groups

Life Force Cancer Foundation Supporting people dealing with cancer since 1993

A cancer diagnosis is a devastating experience for patients but it is also extremely stressful for the people who later become the primary source of support and care – usually families and loved ones. Carers' wellbeing may have an impact on the wellbeing of the people they are supporting.

More than 130,000 Australians have been diagnosed with cancer in 2016 alone, and this, of course, has a flow-on effect through the entire community. Taking care of a loved one diagnosed with cancer is extremely demanding and can place a heavy burden on the emotional and physical resources of partners, family members and friends.
Life Force recognises that caring for the physical and emotional needs of carers is an essential part of caring for cancer patients. Attending a support group can help to reduce the distress of carers and enable them to give the best possible support to someone diagnosed with cancer.

Research conducted by Sydney University and the Cancer Council NSW revealed that depression and anxiety are widespread among carers, at an even higher level than that experienced by cancer patients. The impact this has on the quality of life of carers can then also affect the quality of care they are able to provide to a loved one with cancer. It is vital for carers to find support for themselves to help them through these difficult times.

By attending the carers’ support group, both men and women have an opportunity to share their fears and frustrations in a non-judgmental environment and receive encouragement from other people going through a similar experience. They, in turn, can provide wisdom and support to other group members.

Life Force carers' group meets weekly in the Inner West.

For more information and to join call Jane on 0412 643 751

Carers 2024 Term Dates

Carers meetings are on Thursdays evenings 6 to 7.30pm during term.

Term 1

1 Feb – 4 April

Term 2

25 Apr – 27 Jun

Term 3

18 Jul – 19 Sep

Term 4

10 Oct – 12 Dec

Life Force Cancer Foundation Supporting people dealing with cancer since 1993

Life Force’s Regional Program reaches out to those in country NSW who need our support. The retreats that we run in country regions provide an intensive healing program that gives cancer patients ongoing and tangible skills to manage their emotional wellbeing through the days, weeks, and months to follow. Patients may need ongoing support and following the retreat, they are followed up via phone by a qualified counsellor. 

Due to the economic needs in the country, these programs are sponsored up to 100%. Your support to the regional program may give someone in need a lifeline. A donation of $80 will support an individual counselling session, $600 will support a single place at a retreat, $6000 will support 10 people, and $12000 will ensure a retreat takes place. 

Healing the Whole

Put new meaning and joy in your life, Lift your spirits, Renew your confidence and courage

Residential retreat programs (two days)

These programs are designed to introduce a number of practices such as meditation, yoga, art therapy and restorative massage, that can be helpful in achieving and maintaining a feeling of wellbeing. 

One of the most positive outcomes is the establishment of a network of support and friendship amongst the participants that continues beyond the retreat.

Residential retreats are a unique way of providing supportive care that enhances what other health services can offer and reassures people that they do not need to manage alone. The retreats provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment in which they can express and explore the emotional impact that cancer has had on their lives, gain a new perspective, as well as introducing new strategies that bring an improvement in their quality of life.


The one-day workshops allow patients who may be time limited to participate in a "Day Retreat" that is restorative and regenerative, and have an opportunity to meet others treading a similar path and share their stories, while learning new strategies and practices for improving their wellbeing.

These programs are offered as an adjunct to hospital care to provide additional support in the community and aim to establish ongoing psychosocial care in the region.

Contact: Jilly Pascoe
 [email protected] 0408 610 362

Informative Events and Seminars 


Donate to Life Force Regional Program

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