Anastasia's Story

It was March 2015 when dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. My world changed during that month. Dealing not only with his dementia, cancer was another blow to the family. I had many questions and not enough answers. Sure, the practicality of taking him for tests, scans, radiation treatment, x-rays and further tests were difficult however the physical and emotional toll was the most challenging I faced being the primary carer for dad’s journey.  

The week of his diagnosis I reached out as I needed support to get me through this cancer maze. I found Life Force and attended the carer’s group for the first few weeks. Each week I became open to sharing my thoughts and feelings in a caring and encouraging environment. So, I stayed as long as I needed. I shared my laughter and my struggles with each week’s events. The meditation grounded my soul when it was needed, the talks helped me deal with the challenges a carer faces. Through Life Force, I learned to elevate the maze of cancer and get back to the fundamental importance of spiritual growth and acceptance of a soul’s journey. “They were the blanket of warmth and comfort when you felt you were left out in the cold”  

Forever grateful to the people of Life Force...


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