Programs and workshops to address specific issues 

Life Force Regional Supportive Care Programs bring access to these healing programs to patients and survivors across regional NSW. Promoting a sense of peace and wellbeing through healing and nurturing residential retreats and workshops.

An opportunity to reflect in a safe and understanding environment and share experiences with others, the programs feature practices such as meditation, yoga, art therapy and restorative massage to build resilience and enhance wellbeing.

Healing the Whole
Put new meaning and joy in your life, Lift your spirits, Renew your confidence and courage

Residential retreat programs (two day)

These programs are designed to introduce a number of practices that can be helpful in achieving and maintaining a feeling of wellbeing. 

One of the most positive outcomes is the establishment of a network of support and friendship amongst the participants that continues beyond the retreat.

Residential retreats are a unique way of providing supportive care that enhances what other health services can offer and reassures people that they do not need to manage alone. The retreats provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment in which they can express and explore the emotional impact that cancer has had on their lives, gain a new perspective, as well as introducing new strategies that bring an improvement in their quality of life.


The one-day workshops allow patients and health care providers to come together to talk about issues and needs from a patient’s point of view.

This opportunity fosters better communication between clinicians, health care team and their patients, linking hospital and community care, and aims to establish ongoing psychosocial care in the region.
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Informative Events and Seminars