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Supporting someone who is bereaved

At Life Force Cancer Foundation we believe that anyone dealing with cancer, whether as a patient, survivor, carer or someone who has loved someone who has died, is going through a period of grief and loss. You might wonder what the difference is between grief and loss. Berea...

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A Letter From Consuelo image

A Letter From Consuelo

I want you to know that in between the brightest stars, between the clouds, I find myself well. Here there is only peace, love and forgiveness. Do not be sad for my absence, I have not left your side. You will not be able to see me like before nor listen to my voice, but I am ...

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The Importance Of Sleep image

The Importance Of Sleep

Living with cancer is a complex, recursive physical, existential and psychosocial challenge. The biology of the disease, the physiological effects of the treatments on the brain and body and the psychosocial aspects are all important and mutually interactive. “Brain fog” and...

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Death as an Adviser image

Death as an Adviser

At Life Force we do experience our mortality even when the prognosis is a good one, there are many stories of reflection. Following is a very personal and profound story.  “An immense amount of pettiness is dropped if your death makes a gesture to you, or if you catch...

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My Partner Has Cancer……Now What? image

My Partner Has Cancer……Now What?

In 2015, Cancer Council Queensland released the excellent downloadable booklet "Partners Guide To Coping With Cancer". The guide taps into decades of preceding research on the needs of partners and the psychological and social supports that may help. The research shows that partn...

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Thank you! image

Thank you!

A big thank you to all of you who attended the Life Force Cancer Foundation Celebratory Lunch on Sunday Next year marks 25 years since Life Force Cancer Foundation was founded and has being supporting cancer patients and carers. This was the first celebratory event to ...

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What to expect if I join one of the Life Force Cancer Support Groups

What to expect if I join one of the Life Force Cancer Support Groups

Coming along to a support group for the first time can be a daunting experience for many. Most importantly, our support groups aim to provide a safe environment for you to connect with others, perhaps say a little or a lot about your cancer experience, or simply listen to other...

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When The News Is Cancer image

When The News Is Cancer

The Three Desperations

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