Supporting someone who is bereaved

At Life Force Cancer Foundation we believe that anyone dealing with cancer, whether as a patient, survivor, carer or someone who has loved someone who has died, is going through a period of grief and loss. You might wonder what the difference is between grief and loss.

Bereavement is the state of loss. Grief is what we feel in reaction to a loss. Anyone who has or has had cancer or is caring or did care for someone with cancer, has suffered a loss. Their lives as they were before cancer have changed irrevocably. Trust in one’s body has been destroyed; hopes and dreams have been shattered; plans for the future may have been wrecked; or someone we thought we’d spend many more years with is no longer here.

Our support group for patients & survivors and separate carers/bereavement group are somewhere that people can share all their fears and sadness without worrying that others will try to fix it for them or be told how to ‘get over’ it. There is no obligation to even speak at every meeting because sometimes it just feels too raw. Simply listening to others share their experience can often be the right medicine in that moment; just to hear that others feel the same way can be very comforting. For those who do share, being listened to and genuinely heard is often all they need in that moment.

If you are struggling with your feelings due to cancer why not join one of our Zoom support groups? For more information call Jane on 0412 643 751 or email

Supporting someone who is bereaved--